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Air Quality: Enhanced Air Filtration

From the Lit Dental website: The First Dental Office in The Boston Area with a Negative Pressure, Triple Air Filtration System Installed in Every Room.

We have turned our treatment rooms into negative pressure areas in order to combat any potential problems that could arise from procedures that create mist and aerosol. This negative pressure system removes the air from the room and treats it through oxidizers and ionizers a minimum of 14 times every hour! Every 4 minutes the air in your room is purified and disinfected. This ensures that every breath you take will be full of clean, treated air and that another patient’s exhalations cannot travel to other rooms or remain in the air from one appointment to the next. While not required, the CDC and ADA have stated that using negative pressure provides the absolute highest level of protection against viruses. Lit Dental Esthetics and Implant Center is one of the FIRST clinics in the world to have taken this step.

Photochemical and electrostatic air purifiers have been added to every room of the clinic. These, in conjunction with our large Molekule systems, filter the air and actively remove virus particles. This is in addition to the Negative Pressure Isolation System. Overkill? Well that’s the point, isn’t it?

We have also added HEPA MERV-16 filtering to our existing HVAC system. This central air-scrubbing treatment system effectively cleans the air until it has reached the highest level of purity possible. This is achieved through the use of a negative ionization system as well as environmentally-friendly oxidizers.

If any of the particles have gone through the HEPA MERV-16 and the ionization and scrubbing system, they will have to deal with UVC Radiation. This last step was specifically design and included by Dr. Jason Tubo and Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz in order to create the most sophisticated air purification system ever installed in a dental clinic.

Between our air purifiers, negative pressure systems, and HEPA MERV-16, our air is the absolute cleanest air you will find anywhere. This means that once you’re in the room, you can take your mask off, breathe easy, and enjoy your treatment at Lit Dental Esthetics and Implant Center.

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