Lalane Dental | Boynton Beach, FL

Lalane Dental | Boynton Beach, FL
: 561-735-3200
Air Quality: Enhanced Air Filtration
Medical Policies: Patients Must Wear Masks, Staff Wears Masks, Vaccinated Staff

User submitted listing (July 2022): I wanted to share about my dentist, because they are such a rare and appreciated find here in South Florida! I was just there yesterday with my son and can confirm that they have not relaxed their Covid protocols:

  • They still require masks, and staff is always masked, too.
  • They have Levoit air purifiers everywhere throughout the office – there are three in the lobby, alone, so they clearly understand how they work and how to use them!
  • They seem to space people out nicely because it’s never crowded and it all feels very safe.
  • I took my Aranet4 CO2 monitor with me yesterday and the CO2 levels stayed below 1,000 the whole time.

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