Intergalactic Pediatrics | Seattle, WA

Intergalactic Pediatrics | Seattle, WA

From the practice website (07.15.23):

We separate sick visits from well visits by scheduling well babies and kids in the morning, and sick kids at the end of the day. We evaluate sick kids first by telemedicine, then in-person evaluation if needed. Kids sick with respiratory illnesses are seen in the parking lot.

Routine preventive visits continue to be considered essential, especially when vaccines are due.

Limited Contact
We ask that patients are accompanied by one well adult, and if possible that siblings and other parents do not join them for visits.

We use online registration, forms and document signing so that everything can be done on your own device — no shared clipboards or pens. We try to reduce dwell time in the waiting room by asking you to wait in your car until a room is available. Filling out forms in advance, at home, on your phone, is another way we reduce dwell time and possible interaction between families.

We wear N95 masks in the office. We ask that parents and kids over 2 wear well-fitting high filtration masks like KF94, KN95, N95 or better, to the best of their abilities.

Clean Air
We run air filters in each room and try to keep the windows open, to the extent possible given the outdoor conditions.

We keep our tables bare (no table paper) in order to make it easier to wipe down the table. Surfaces and equipment are wiped down after each patient.

Our clinic is in a stand-alone building, not attached to a hospital or acute care facility.

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