Below are some crowdsourced tips to help small businesses minimize the spread of Covid. Everyone wins when employees and customers are safer!

Please note: We don’t receive any compensation from any of the companies mentioned here or anywhere on this website (or on our Twitter account). We also cannot guarantee that any method or product listed here will prevent you, your employees, or customers from contracting and spreading Covid.


Masks are an easy and cost-effective way to improve Covid-precautions at your business. Here are some tips to make masking part of your strategy:

  • Require masks for all customers and employees. Even better: Require N95 masks or better!
  • If you’re not ready to require masks all the time, try “Mask-only” hours! Make sure you post in Covid-safe Facebook groups to let them know that you’re doing this. Trust us, we will appreciate it!
  • Provide masks at the entrance for any customer who doesn’t have one.
  • Put a sign at the front entrance. Explain that masks are mandatory and explain WHY masks are important. Here’s an example of one such sign.
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Ventilation and Clean Air

  • Open doors and windows to increase air flow. Ceiling fans and box fans can also help if there’s a supply of fresh air.
  • Build a Corsi-Rosenthal box! If you’re not familiar with “CR Boxes” watch the video below!
  • Use a CO2 monitor to check the quality of the air in your building. The Aranet4 is the leading product in the space. Even better: Publicly display the CO2 monitor so customers and employees appreciate the steps you’re taking to keep them safer! The aforementioned Aranet4 has an app that will display your CO2 results in real-time!
  • Add a medical grade filtration unit to your Covid-safety arsenal! Aeronet makes filtration units and ceiling fan mounted units. Prices start around $2,000, but the results are impressive!

Other Ideas

  • Generous time off for employees who test positive. Even better: Generous time off if an employee’s family member is sick with Covid.
  • Curbside pickup!
  • Social distancing! Remember that? It was great!
  • An employee vaccination policy.


  • Help your employees understand why masks and ventilation are important to them. Consider that they may not know that masks are an effective tool. They may also be unaware that Covid is airborne.
  • Share easily digestible information with your customers on social media. This video does an excellent job of demonstrating the concept of airborne spread of Covid:

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