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Link: Prof Jeremy Nicholson on the link between Long Covid and heart disease

Professor Jeremy Nicholson, the director of the Australian National Phenome Centre at Murdoch University, has some very interesting thoughts on the potential long-term effects of Omicron: His team’s research has shown that even people who experienced only mild symptoms with earlier variants of Covid-19 were at risk of developing Long Covid and he thinks it […]

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Philadelphia reimposes mask mandate

Philadelphia will reinstate indoor mask mandates Monday, April 18, as its Covid-19 cases quickly rise, the city’s Public Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole announced Monday. The city is the first major US metropolitan area to bring back masking requirements after a slew of cities and states dropped restrictions as cases began trending downward in January. The city […]

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Evidence grows that vaccines lower the risk of getting Long COVID

Unfortunately, the only sure way to avoid long COVID is not to catch the virus in the first place. But there is now a growing body of research that’s offering at least some reassurance for those who do end up getting infected — being fully vaccinated seems to substantially cut the risk of later developing […]

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White House Announces Indoor Air Challenge

Plan will aim to improve indoor air quality through enhanced air filtration and fresh air ventilation. “The White House on Thursday released new ventilation and air quality guidelines for schools, colleges and other building owners and operators in an effort to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading indoors. The recommendations, published by the U.S. Environmental […]

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