In a study titled, “Aerosol particle emission increases exponentially above moderate exercise intensity resulting in superemission during maximal exercise,” researchers examined whether exercise intensity might influence the likelihood of a superspreader event.

From the paper:

“We therefore recommend for exercise up to an intensity of ∼2 W/kg to consider keeping a distance of >1.5 m between exercisers, a high exchange or filtering rate of room air, and limited time spent in the exercise room (e.g., 45 to 90 min). As Buonanno et al. (30) proposed that the majority of outbreaks were caused by the combination of one superspreader in a small room with poor ventilation, we recommend additional measures to reduce the risk of infection during indoor group exercise above 2 W/kg when superemission occurs. This could include 15-min airing breaks in between classes, pre-exercise infection testing of participants, safety shields in between exercisers, mobile air filters (19, 31), and the wearing of masks even during exercise (26, 32–34).”


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